Little Monthly Hosting Subscription


What is Website Hosting?

The physical place where your website is located. While your live website is available on the internet it needs to be hosted somewhere, on a server. Servers cost money, so the hosting costs money, and that cost is dependent on the size of your website and the type of website you require whether it be a simple CMS website or an eCommerce site where you wish to sell your goods and services online.


What is a hosting fee?

Web hosting is how your website remains visible to the worldwide public even when you turn your computer off. eg in the simplist terms, someone somewhere needs to leave a computer on with a reliable live connection, so that other people can see your website.


Great Futures Inclueded: 


  • From 1 x  Website Hosting 
  • From 1 x Email domain with google sync via goole mail.
  • Creactive Studio Admin
  • From 2 x monthly support call. 
  • UNLIMITED Bandwidth

  • From 10GB Storage

  • Connect Your Domain

  • From 1 Video Hour


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Little Monthly Hosting Subscription

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Price Options
LittleWS Monthly Fee
$85.00monthly/ auto-renew
Bronze Monthly Fee
$85.00monthly/ auto-renew
Sliver Monthly Fee
$85.00monthly/ auto-renew
Gold Monthly Fee
$85.00monthly/ auto-renew